Get your mind on task without getting distracted

Do you find yourself in need of stimulation and distractions when you know you’ve gotta get something done? Maybe you keep a Twitch or Netflix stream on in the background, but once you turn to look at it, you end up getting even more distracted. Perhaps you start craving the short term satisfaction of watching YouTube, and after one video and the next, you end up down a YouTube vortex and end up finding it hard to snap out of it to do something more productive?

Argh, you just want to get things done.

Installing software to limit the number of hours you can be on any site, but this doesn’t really help you build up the practice of getting your mind on task on its own.

To start building the habit of staying on task yourself, do this:

  1. Decide on a single task you’d like to accomplish (study, work, reading, take a walk)
  2. Set a timer for 1 hour
  3. Turn off all notifications on all your devices: turn on Do Not Disturb!
  4. Do your task for 1 hour
  5. Set another time for 30 minutes
  6. Watch some delicious YouTube/Twitch/Netflix!
  7. Repeat!

Maybe you’ll be thinking of when the hour will be over. Maybe you’ll still be thinking about the video you were watching during your hour. That’s great: it’ll give you a chance to look in anticipation to your next break. You’ll be able to enjoy the stream knowing that you earned it from working for the hour.

You’ll be able to practice giving yourself a reward that you can anticipate and enjoy wholeheartedly without feeling guilty that you should be doing something else. You set the time for yourself, and you gave yourself the joy of satisfaction.

Give it a shot!

You got this.


Finally make a morning routine that’ll stick

You’ve done it before: set out to build a morning routine to finally take control of the start of your day.

You made it work the first time: wake up, exercise, meditate, make the bed, read, journal, shower, have breakfast and coffee, get dressed, pack, and head to the office.

You felt accomplished and invigorated, and can’t wait to do it again the next day. Maybe the next day goes well too.

But then… you slip a day. And then you slip again. Things start changing unexpectedly: you’ve gotta hunt for clothes for the dry cleaners one day or that snooze habit’s been creeping back in again. That feeling of accomplishment starts feeling like a distant memory, and you realize you just couldn’t stick to your routine and end up doing other things instead.

It’s almost like you’ve made a routine of breaking your routine!

So here’s a super simple trick that’ll get you on a solid morning routine and stick to it:

Place a glass of water next to your bed right now.

If you’re home, step away from reading this and do it now. If you’re not, make a reminder to yourself to do it first thing when you get home.

When you wake up tomorrow morning, your first task in the morning is to:

Drink that glass of water.

You can drink all of it or take a sip: it doesn’t matter. Your morning routine is to:

Drink that glass of water.

When you go to bed, see that glass of water and (you guessed it):

Drink that glass of water.

Do this every day. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re building a habit and a routine. It starts here. It’s that simple:

Drink that glass of water.

You got this.